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If your latest DIY landscaping project is to inject a new look in to the outdoor space that you’ve lived in during the summer months so that it changes its appearance ready for autumn and winter, then a quick and inexpensive way to create a textural and aesthetically pleasing alteration is by replacing landscaping materials.

For example, if you have a heavily paved space why not try placing decking there instead and if your flowerbeds are edged with plastic, chippings or gravel then you can transform the space’s character by using sleepers as edging materials.

Perhaps you’d like to add steps but don’t want to use concrete.

Sleepers are substantial so they’ll withstand any weather type with fortitude and they normally require two people to lift them so they won’t disappear in the middle of the night courtesy of opportunists like plants and pots can sometimes do.

This flexible material will give you a rustic, countryside feel- ready to embrace the autumn foliage or if used in strong design patterns sleepers can offer a sleek and linear look that is at home in a modern or futuristic space.


Rivar Sand and Gravel stock three sleeper products and each one has its own charm and compliments whatever your mind’s eye has envisaged. These are their examples. Of course the sizes and options could vary elsewhere.2

  1. New oak sleepers offer a rich colour and a traditional feel. They are compressed but not treated and measure approximately 2.5m X 200mm X 100mm.
  2. New pine sleepers have a lighter colour than the oak variety and they cost a little less. These sleepers are treated and compressed for use.

New pine sleepers are approximately 2.4m X 200mm X 100mm.

  1. Reclaimed railway sleepers are hugely popular because they have an old feel that adds personality to a space. They cost slightly less than new.

These hardwood sleepers measure 2.6m X 270mm X 170mm and have a dark tone after years of use and oil spills on them.

The oil makes them less suitable for use in areas where they’ll come in to contact with skin.2

Experienced and expert teams will be happy to help you to choose your landscaping materials so that by the time you leave them you’ll know that you’ve made the absolute best choice.

Rivar Sand and Gravel are always pleased to give sound, unbiased advice on garden and landscape projects, ensuring you are offered the most suitable and durable materials for the job.