Hardscaping – exterior design that uses manmade stone features – can be a great way to spruce up the outside of the home, regardless of whether it’s for something small and simple, like paved edges around a garden, or for a much larger-scale project, like stepping stones to a house.

Options for materials to use for hardscape projects are seemingly limitless, with sandstone, marble, quartzite, and granite among the many. Even better, many of these materials can be produced in a huge number of colors and patterns. This means that no matter the project, designers will be able to find the right material to mix and match slabs and pavers for the perfect look.Image result for Perfect Hardscaping Projects: Options to Spruce Up Exteriors

While landscaping deals with gardens and other natural features, hardscaping gives homeowners a chance to create a stunning focal point no matter the location.

Sometimes the smallest projects can be the most attractive, and here’s where polished marble pebbles can come in handy. If a house has a small pond out back, a great way to complement this is to lay down marble pebbles mixed of shades of gray, white, and orange. This gives the entire area a natural look that’s peaceful and inviting, perfect for a relaxing day outside.

The pond project is one way to provide artistic edging around a feature, but edging isn’t limited to water features, as it can also be done to provide a border to a garden. Traditionally, bricks were a popular choice for edging and were used to prevent the growth of weeds. Nowadays, however, granite tiles are proving to be a suitable alternative. Tiles of different shades of white, yellow, and gray, all with distinctive specks of black, pair nicely with lush green grass.

Of course, sometimes simple edging around ponds or gardens isn’t enough to create a truly outstanding exterior, and hardscaping has a ton of options for larger scale designs.

For example, quartzite flagstones are a great choice for paving an entire outside area like a patio. Use a variety of randomly shaped flagstones in colors including various shades of grays and browns to create a beautiful exterior floor that will immediately grab anyone’s attention.

In fact, paving is one of the most popular types of hardscape projects that can be done with several types of stone. As an alternative to quartzite flagstone, homes could really stand out by using blue sandstone paving slabs of differently sized squares and rectangles to cover a large area. It creates an interesting pattern and the soft color scheme is ideal for the outdoors.

Hardscaping can even be used to connect the outside with the inside, through the use of sandstone pavers to create stepping stones leading up to a house’s front or back doors. This sturdy material is available in several colors, so it can match with any style of door.

Thanks to the huge range of materials on offer for hardscaping projects, for many homeowners, it’s not a question of whether to use hardscape, but simply which type of design to pick.