Real estate consultants generally charge you a good amount for selling property. Their commission is usually 5 – 9 % of deal value, which gets translated to a good sum if you consider doing the work on your own. Moreover, it’s always better to cut off the middlemen whenever feasible.

However, it’s not that easy to sell your property on your own the way it is to say, yet not so difficult if you are well prepared and equipped with correct information.


Tips to Sell Your House on Your Own

  • Understanding The Reasons

This is the first reason that you may consider before selling your home by owner. In most of the cases, reason would be related to profit.  Real estate consultants take a good proportion of amount involved as their commission.

This hurts the profit, if any, that a homeowner would be making in such slow market. Moreover, some homeowners switch to this option as they don’t find the value offered by real estate agents good enough.

In addition to that, you may not be able to find a reliable agent for this deal. In these conditions, make it clear in your mind that why are you doing it on your own and set a goal so that you don’t keep on thinking about an agent when things become little tricky.

  • Find Out Key Selling Points of Your Home

Every home is different in its own way and to sell your home quickly at a good price requires you to understand its key features or specialities that can attract the buyers to choose your house from multiple available options.

You can take help of your friends or family members in this by asking them what is special in your home that they find it attractive. Unlike homeowners, estate agents are good in finding a property’s selling points. Therefore, you will have to dig deeper.

  • Perfect Presentation

As now you are responsible for selling your house, you need to pay attention for making it attractive and presentable.  It’s important as no one would like to buy a house with an untidy lawn, rusty fittings, and old roof etc. In fact, selling points of your home really don’t matter if its presentation is poor.

You can begin it with sound structure i.e. walls, roof, windows, perimeter wall, gate and doors are in sound shape. You may contact any home inspection agency that will help you in finding required renovations after, which you can firstly clean it from bathroom to living room and then get is renovated, if required.

  • Putting A Competitive price

When you want to sell your house successfully, price is another important factor you need to consider. You can adopt competitive pricing policy i.e. putting a price, which is slightly lower than others.

However, if you find it difficult doing it on your own, you can take help of a home inspection professional or can estimate its value by comparing figures of similar homes in your locality.


There is nothing which a person can’t do, if he or she is determined enough and same goes for selling your house by owner. If you focus on making it attractive to potential buyer, it’s not a difficult task. However, if not manageable you can look for housing buying companies online and may visit