Warm summer evenings are the perfect opportunity to take advantage your garden by enjoying it even after the sun has gone down – with creative and bright ideas for summer garden lighting.

If you tend to only illuminate your garden in the summer time, then these are great options, as they are mostly solar-powered garden lighting options. So there’s no additional wiring or electricity considerations – not even any need for batteries (in most cases) – you can simply place them wherever they are needed and enjoy them throughout the summer, and then store them away during the winter months.

Solar masts

These are tall and slim mast lights, which are ideal for illuminating borders, paths and patios and are incredibly simple to locate – simply by pushing the stake into the ground. Each lighting unit comes with its own solar panel, which will use the sunlight provided during the day to charge the unit, and can provide up to 6 hours of illumination – perfect for an evening BBQ or while playing botanical bingo games.

Stake light

This is similar to the mast light – but with a twist. These lights provide an interesting feature as they gradually change from one colour to another – providing light waves of green, pink and blue. Again, they can be easily located simply by pushing the stake into the ground, and they charge up directly from the daytime sun – switching on at dusk automatically and lasting up to 6 hours. They also have the capability to auto-turn off at dawn.

Ornamental animal lighting

If you’re looking for something just a little different for your deck or patio, then why not try an exotic animal light? Available in various forms, it provides an interestingly-patterned lighting effect either on the patio or snuggled under a herbaceous border – or even in the middle of the lawn to make a bold statement. Completely solar powered with a built-in ON/OFF switch, you can choose between pure white light LED lighting or changeable coloured lighting for an even more interesting garden illumination.

Classic garden lantern

There are various versions of the classic garden lantern – but one version in particular comes in the shape of a tall metal lantern powered by two regular-sized batteries which produce a flame-like flickering light provided by internal LEDs, and it comes complete with a timer in order to conserve battery life. This is ideal for lazy, relaxing summer evenings or illuminating the garden for a party or other social event.

So, why not spice up your garden this summer by incorporating some creative lighting solutions to highlight and accent your favourite garden features – or alternatively, simply provide some relaxing background lighting so that you can really enjoy those long summer evenings to the full.